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Erna Rubin Online Museum of Photography
Photography and video vintage equipment from the 60s and 70s
Julian T. Rubin
BA, Social Sciences and Humanities, Open University of Israel

Still Photography and B&W Darkroom Equipment

Zorki 4, a 35 mm rangefinder camera, was the most successful Zorki and maybe the best Russian camera ever. It was produced between the years 1956–1973 and based, to some degree, on Leica technology.
Photographic enlarger (printmaker)
Film developing tank and film reel
A 100g balance for weighing chemicals for developers and fixers.
Photo Paper Cutter
That's the way they did selfie in the 60s

Erna and a family friend (Philip Deli) shooting themselves in front of a mirror with an Argus C3 camera nicknamed by photographers "The Brick" due to its shape and weight. This was an inexpensive rangefinder camera very popular in the 60s, manufactured in the United States.

Enlarging Easel
Hanging, photos to dry, with clips
The Zorki 4 camera with flash mounted and a yellow light filter for b&w photography.
Simple Spotlight
The Zorki 4 camera and Erna in action
Darkroom chemical composition for fixer and developer in Erna Rubin's notebook Written in Romanian.

Super 8 Film Technology

Chinon 44 Power Zoom movie camera suitable for silent super 8 film cartridge
3M silent super 8 film cartridge
Movie Projector - Super 8 Copal Sekonic CP55
3M super 8 film reel processed and ready for projection
Advanced photography spotlight with uniform light illumination and blinding prevention

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